Kitchen’s Orchard & Farm Market

I have lived in the panhandle for two years and bought beef maybe 3-5 times.  I knew enough about where the majority of the beef in America came from that I didn’t want to buy it at the grocery store nor did I have enough freezer space to buy half a cow from a farmer. After learning that we really do need animal fat in our diets, I was frustrated at how to provide my family with meat in a healthy manner. Fortunately, in the midst of my frustration, I accidentally found a local market that sells grass fed, hormone or antibiotic-free beef by the pound. Less than ten minutes from my house is fresh, local beef that is so very tasty.

At Kitchen’s Market, I can go week by week  and choose to buy a pound of ground beef or a blade roast without worrying about freezer space. And I’m supporting a local farm. Turns out, Kitchen’s Farm Market also sells Trickling Springs Dairy products (from Chambersburg, PA) so I am able to  get my organic milk there too. In addition to meat and dairy, they provide local seasonal produce (currently, spaghetti and butternut squash, potatoes and sweet potatoes, apples, and onions). The apples have become a regular staple in my household.

My favorite feature is the absolutely delightful staff. Most days, Casey, a befriended worker, is there to advise me on which apples are the crispest or how to use the recently picked produce. He has told me which kind of pumpkin most people around here use for pies and which apples are popular for applesauce.

Almost every time we go, Casey turns into Skylee’s science teacher for the day (my youngest daughter who is homeschooled). She absolutely loved the day he let her bottle feed the calves and now she must go say “hi” to them every time we visit. This week he taught us that they have discovered a new kind of bee in the orchard and scientists are setting traps so that they can study them. Casey always gives Skylee an apple to eat while I’m filling up my bags of apples at the bins, and she’s as happy as a kid that just got a lollipop at the bank drive through.

By going to the market, I love that my daughters get to see that the applesauce on the dinner table came from the apples from the orchard down the road from my home. And as Skylee eats her pumpkin muffin, she knows that it came from the field right beside where she goes to pet the calves. I think it also teaches her community. She can see that Casey works hard to run this farm, and we get to enjoy healthy, delicious foods because of it.

 For more information about why animal fat is healthy for our diet, please check out Fat: An Appreciation of a Misunderstood Ingredient, with Recipes or Eat Wild.

Kitchen’s Orchard & Farm Market
1026 Kitchen’s Orchard Road
Falling Water, WV 25419
304 – 274 – 1994

Current Season Hours
Monday – Friday 9AM – 5PM
Saturday 9AM – 4PM
Sunday 11AM – 4PM

Please see their Facebook Page for more information.

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